The Make-it-happen Team

Our team is made up of many incredible human beings who combine their different interests, strengths and skills to step up your game. We are unique and multifaceted but with one thing in common - at our core, we are originals - we love to push boundaries, think outside the box and challenge existing perspectives. For us, relationship is everything. Our main inspiration is the human value behind a brand, we like to discover what really connects your product to the consumer and elevate it to a whole different galaxy so that you can achieve your goals without limits.

powered by creativity

We create contagious brand stories that affect both the head and heart.


Patricia ran her first business from her living room: a photography company that was fully booked in the second year. As a multifaceted creative mind, Patricia is also our Creative Director, inspiring emotional connections between brands and people, and helping companies marketing their performances in an attractive successful way. Patricia is also an advocate for the empowerment of females in business.

Chief Operations Officer

Patricia Santos

Miguel is a powerhouse of experience and capability, a leader in the marketing and filmmaking industry. With a hands-on approach and strong client relationships, he is always ready to tackle challenges head-on and deliver solutions that drive double-digit growth. Miguel is known for his positive attitude and good sense of humor, making him a respected and inspiring leader in the creative industry.


Miguel Vaz

Diogo brings a unique and fresh perspective to every project with his passion for storytelling. Diogo's expertise in videography, scriptwriting, and editing, combined with his ability to collaborate with corporate communications and marketing teams, results in high-quality video content that resonates with audiences. From product launches to promotional events and social media campaigns, Diogo ensures that every video produced exceeds expectations.

Video Content Specialist

Diogo Costa

Eva has an exceptional eye for design and a passion for innovation, she brings a unique perspective to the agency's creative projects. Eva's expertise spans across a wide range of industries, from fashion and beauty to technology and entertainment. With a strong passion for creativity and her unwavering commitment to excellence, Eva is a key contributor to make magic happen in all projects.

Creative Executive

Eva Mina

We share stories and empower ourselves and brands/businesses with knowledge. We inspire connections between people, products, and community in an inclusive and intelligent way.

value #1

respect people.

Inspire Connections.

Uniqueness is Powerful.

We are inclusive, we trust our fantastic team and we build a relationship of true loyalty with our customers (we could even go grab dinner together). We push for progress, not perfection.

Challenge our biases. We believe in the endless power of different perspectives and experiences. We are creative and resourceful and we like to innovate, rethinking every step.

value #2

value #3