Duma Care ai

DumaCare was created from the ground up, by our dedicated team. When Michal Duma (CEO) approached us with his vision, we soon knew it would be more than a creative project: it was a mission to empower brain health worldwide. Our role was to brand the entire company & shoot a campaign video that explained the story, concept & future of DumaCare.





branding, video


The First A.I. Powered Brain Health Awareness Platform

Let’s Gro team actively worked on this project for a whole month, analysing data from other brain health platforms, brands, businesses, so we could develop a plan that led to a emotional & sleek brand strategy.

The Goal

Our focus was to build the brand under the pilars of social responsability & healthtech. It is urgent to move people and make them self-aware of their brain health and the big problem we are facing.